Monday, March 7, 2011

Phil Bryant: "Let's don't gerrymander for political purposes"

On the Paul Gallo Show this morning, Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant (R) said that one of his guiding redistricting principles is "Let's don't gerrymander for political purposes." Well, it appears that is exactly what he wants to do in Hattiesburg. As mentioned earlier, Hattiesburg is a problem, according to Bryant. Hattiesburg is now a majority black city, which is represented by three white senators. By all accounts, the Senate's plan creates a majority black district in Hattiesburg, and that's why Bryant has a problem with it. Here's how gerrymandered it had to be last time in order to ensure 3 white senators:

Based on Bryant's past performance with keeping his word, I wonder how gerrymandered Phil Bryant's plan will be to protect the three majority white Hattiesburg districts?  


Kingfish said...

Yet you don't criticize how Clinton was treated, you know, shoved into Frazier's and Horhn's districts. Guess thats ok even though the city got screwed like H-burg would as you contend.

Cottonmouth said...

You needed to go back one more post to find this, Fish: