Monday, March 21, 2011

The emerging national take on NAACP v. Barbour, et al

Last week, we wondered aloud how the NAACP v. Barbour, et al redistricting lawsuit would play nationally.  We're starting to find out, and it's what we expected.  CNN's Political Ticker is portraying it as Barbour and the NAACP being at odds, then dredges up Barbour's numerous race-related gaffes.

As Barbour spends most of this week out of town running for president, expect the spotlight to shine a little brighter on this lawsuit, Barbour's upbringing, the Nathan Bedford Forrest license plate, Barbour's appearance at the Citizen's Council's successor's big event in 2003, his "whorehouse" comments about Head Start kids, and on and on.

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David said...

Rarely has someone ever so obviously deserved all of this flak.