Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coming soon: Profiles in Redistricting "Courage"

Each morning and afternoon, we will be highlighting the actions of members of the legislature as it relates to redistricting. These individuals have been selected for their engagement of the redistricting process and their subsequent denial of their own activity. Many of these members engaged in some or all of the following behavior: 1) drawing potential opponents out of districts; 2) drawing districts in a way to reduce the black voting age population of their districts; and 3) requesting geographical areas reasoned to be more favorable to their electoral goals. This exercise has become necessary in order to bring the truth to the citizens of Mississippi and shed light on the redistricting process.

We will continue to post these profiles in "courage" until Lt. Governor Phil Bryant performs his constitutional duty and allows an open and fair consideration of the redistricting maps by the full Senate. We'll follow a simple formula: We'll stop telling the truth about Republicans as soon as they stop lying about Democrats.

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