Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bobby Harrison: Bryant spanked on redistricting, but budget may be worst hit

Bobby Harrison's got a great article up on in which he goes in-depth on Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant's woes of late. Harrison analyzes Bryant's redistricting failure, and then turns to the even bigger problem Bryant has brewing regarding the state budget. It's a great read, and you should check it out.


The Republican Bryant, who presides over the Senate, took his most public spanking when the chamber, including many Republicans, rejected his alternative redistricting plan.

Bryant’s alternative proposal was about Republican gubernatorial politics. He faces a challenge – perhaps a serious one – from Gulf Coast businessman Dave Dennis in the Republican primary.
The impact of that loss probably will not be that consequential for Bryant’s gubernatorial campaign, but a successful legislator, sitting in his office in the state Capitol, once said, “It’s never good to lose in this building.”
In a GOP primary where voters tend to be more conservative, efforts to curtail funding for education and block a redistricting plan opposed by many Republicans might be a plus for Bryant. Some might even want to undertake efforts to curtail the state retirement system.

All of those issues ultimately might be beneficial to Bryant. But one thing is for certain – the 2011 session has plenty of challenges for the gubernatorial front-runner.

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