Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clarion-Ledger story on lawsuit provision on immigration bill

Molly Parker over at the Clarion-Ledger penned a story for today's Clarion-Ledger that discusses what we've been talking about over here for the past week: the Senate Republicans' efforts to create lawsuits against local law enforcement officials. (Cottonmouth stories here, here, here and here.

In the story, she quotes Monticello Mayor David Nichols as saying:
When you're bringing that many in, one or two are going to fall through the crack and are not here legally. Knowing that, (say) there's a guy down the street that's got a bone to pick with the mayor or the Board of Aldermen ... and they sue us, personally ... There's something wrong with that.
Indeed there is, Mayor Nichols. Ms. Parker then discusses the Baria Amendment which would have removed the lawsuit provisions, but was voted down by Senate Republicans (See who voted against it here.)

Derrick Surrette, executive director of the Mississippi Association of Supervisors, and Prentiss Mayor Charlie Dumas, president of the Mississippi Municipal League, are both quoted as having concerns about the legislation. George Lewis, Executive Director of the MML, said he felt law enforcement should have been at the table when the legislation was crafted.

Can't say that we disagree, Mr. Lewis.

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