Thursday, October 29, 2015

The "Secret Plan" That Isn't So Secret

Today, Rep. Brad Mayo (R-Oxford) ran this full page ad in The Oxford Citizen, attempting to white-wash his abysmal voting record on the Public Employees Retirement System.

Mayo wants his constituents to think that his record on PERS is just a series of silly partisan accusations, and says that Democrats think there's a "secret plan" to dissolve PERS. 

Mayo is right that there is no secret plan to dissolve PERS.  There is a public plan to dissolve PERS.

And he's the one who introduced it.

In the 2013 session, Brad Mayo introduced House Bill 486, and if it became law, would have provided an opportunity for public employees to opt out of PERS, essentially rendering it useless. 

What incentive might a financial advisor have to dissolve it?

Legislators across Mississippi think that pointing out their record is mud-slinging. I think it's called telling the truth. 


Here's an ad that ran in the Oxford Eagle for Jay Hughes. What about this is anything other than accountability? 

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