Thursday, October 8, 2015

Latest AG race poll shows Hood with 57-35 lead

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood sent out an email to his supporters today touting a 57-35 lead in his internal polling over Republican challenger Mike Hurst.  I can say that I've seen similar numbers over the past couple of weeks, so I doubt these are off-base. These numbers actually represent a decline for Hurst from an April Mason-Dixon poll showing the race at 55-40.

Hurst is trailing Hood in the face of outspending Hood $630,201 to $378,362 on media this campaign.  It likely won't matter how much Hurst raises and spends over the next three weeks. He began the race with no name ID and a scant record, while facing the most popular politician in the state.  So as long as Hood has enough money to stay on air, he'll walk away with the election.  Should Hood continue to raise money, the only parlor game left in this race will be whether Hurst breaks 40%.

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