Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Republican Infighting Continues

Possible "pole dancer" and state Rep. Forrest Hamilton (R-Olive Branch) took to social media to blow up at his fellow Republicans for pushing the idea that he has poor attendance in the legislature in an attempt to discredit him prior to the August primary. Hamilton and other DeSoto County Republicans face primary challengers from conservative challengers in August. Taking a quick trip back in time, Hamilton and most of the DeSoto County delegation voted against charter school legislation during the 2012 and 2013 sessions - making them enemies of Tea Party groups and the Phil Bryant agenda.

Rep. Forrest Hamilton
It was speculated during the 2015 Legislative Session that Tea Party groups and Joel Bomgar (who is running to succeed retiring Republican Rep. Rita Martinson of Madison) were planning to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat Republicans like Hamilton in the Republican Primary. If you recall, Speaker Philip Gunn (R-Clinton) may have broken House rules by stopping the remarks of Rep. Steve Holland (D-Plantersville) when Holland spoke from the House Well that this mystery money was planning to be spent against candidates who support public education. From the Speaker's stand, Gunn demanded Holland reveal the source of the rumor. Always quick on his feet, Holland demanded that Gunn step down from the Speaker's stand to ask a question of a fellow member. Gunn refused.

Hamilton's frustrations are emblematic of how Republicans operate: get with the program or get out of the way.

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