Sunday, May 10, 2015

Reckless Republican Investments Not Paying Off

Nearly four years into his term as governor, Phil Bryant keeps incorrectly talking a big game about the state of Mississippi's economic growth. The fact still remains that there are nearly 46,000 Mississippians who have lost their jobs since Phil Bryant and the Republicans have been in charge. As Phil Bryant has said when jobs are lost on his watch: "there's nothing more that could have been done."

All the chest thumping from the Republicans about being pro-jobs is still not passing muster. Chief Executive Magazine noted that Mississippi ranks at the low end of its measures for being a place where businesses want to set up shop. According to their findings, which we have been highlighting for some time, the Phil Bryant economy has very high unemployment compared to the rest of the country and slow GDP growth.

While they whistle past the graveyard, this report flies in the face at what Phil Bryant and his Republicans have been spouting over the past few years. While the Phil Bryant Republicans continue to shortchange public education and paying teachers far less than they are worth, the state's economy continues to suffer.

We know the Republicans are not into supporting public education. Again, we see they are not into supporting efforts to improve Mississippi's economy. Mississippi's reckless Republicans are in over their heads.

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Unknown said...

Amen, excellent analysis!