Monday, February 23, 2015

Is Phil Bryant Using Hillary Clinton's Playbook?

The Phil Bryant campaign is out with a web ad showing the governor trying to be brave in the face of danger while struggling to read his cue cards. (Insert joke about the reading gate.) While watching Bryant's video, his theme sounded quite familiar. It occurred to me that we heard this before from none other than Hillary Clinton in her "3am" ad.

It is rare for Phil Bryant to have an idea that didn't originate with big business benefactors like the Koch brothers, extremist hatemongers like Tony Perkins, or unpopular right-wing governors like Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal. However, Bryant seems to have found Hillary Clinton as his new source of inspiration for this ad. We encourage the governor to embrace other ideas from Secretary Clinton, such as an expansion of the Children's Health Insurance Program and equal pay for women.

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