Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mississippi Imprisons Mostly Black Persons So Bryant Meets With Mostly White Task Force

Friday, Governor Phil Bryant met with a task force responsible for reviewing and possibly reforming the Mississippi Department of Corrections contracts process. This is in response to alleged corruption by the former MDOC commissioner, Chris Epps.

We know that Mississippi has one of the highest per capita incarceration rates in the world - second highest in the United States. Most of those persons incarcerated in Mississippi's prisons are disproportionately persons of color. Looking around this table, I see only one person of color seated to participate in the decision-making process.

Approximately 61 percent of Mississippi's inmates are black, yet 61 percent of the persons sitting around this table are not. It is unsettling that more persons of color are not at this meeting to help implement new policies that are impacting communities of color.

photo borrowed from Jeffrey Hess of Mississippi Public Broadcasting


Anonymous said...

It's not unsettling at all to me at all. White people are perfectly capable of making decisions, with or without black people present. The fact that a government policy may disproportionately affect black people doesn't require that black people be allowed to have veto power over that policy.

Anonymous said...

2 of the 5 members are black. Pretty good percentage.

Anonymous said...

Excellent!..You'll understand then, when this President issues an executive order under and that is within his legal authority; it too, DOES NOT require input from the lobbyist-owned, 'critter gallery' that comprise the Congress and the Senate.
MS current representatives are abominations
that reflect the states weak economics,education standards and regressive racial politics and politicians..there has never been any progress because there are no 'progressives'.. and you cannot move into the future cultivating or maintaining it's shamefully inglorious and inhumane past?
MS will prosper when ALL its citizens prosper, anything LESS will keep it mired in self-perpetuating misery, for everyone who loves it.

Anonymous said...

These individuals were not making policies over the statutes dealing with incarceration; rather, they were looking at purchasing laws of goods and services. The folks inside the prison - whos percentages you are citing - have nothing to do with the contracting processes used. Not even a good try on your part to make an argument here.