Monday, October 20, 2014

Sour Deal in Rankin County

A couple of weeks ago, my father resigned his position on the Rankin County Board of Supervisors for health reasons. Thanks to all of you who have sent your well wishes. No need to fear; Dad isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

The issue that has upset me is how Dad's vacancy was managed by his former colleagues on the board and how Congressman Gregg Harper meddled in the process. Let there be no doubt: the primary reason Rodney Keith is now a member of the Rankin County Board of Supervisors is because Gregg Harper called each member of the board and suggested "it sure would be nice if Rodney was on the board." The board did Harper's bidding in order to pre-pay some favors that will likely be called in during the 2015 Republican primary. Bear in mind that Harper's endorsement really doesn't travel too far (i.e. Meridian and Starkville in 2013). It's no coincidence that Harper and state Rep. Brent Powell went out of their way to be present for their political hit man's appointment to the board last week. 

I know there's nothing I can do to change what the board did. Politics happened. I am disappointed, though, that the constituents Dad spent many waking nights worried about are now represented by a political hack of Gregg Harper and Brent Powell.

Additionally, it should be upsetting to the tens of thousands of Mississippians who are without work that Congressman Gregg Harper would pick up the phone to get one man a job. Imagine what would happen if he cared enough to put that much effort into helping others across the state (which still has the second-highest unemployment rate in the country) find a job. 


Anonymous said...

Maybe your father should have resigned prior to the September 5th deadline so the CITIZENS of District 2 could VOTE on his replacement. If they were his main priority he would have stepped aside when his health began to fail and allowed them to select his replacement. Instead he set the political bidding war in place.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, this political,rant you have posted Is a embarrassment, to your fathers legacy and to the citizens of District #2.
The citizens rightly informed the 4 remaining members they wished to select their own supervisor in the next election cycle, they listened to the will of the voters.
This made the interium appointment one who would not seek the job full time in 2015.
Mr. Keith's name had more recommendations than of Congressman Harper and Representative Powell.
Rodney has served the RCREC since 1996, working hard to elect good Republicans to offices in the County and State.
But since you are a Pelosi/Reid Dem, you wouldn't know thoses things.

Ryan Brown said...

@6:39, what's embarrassing is that our schools did not better train you in proper spelling and punctuation.

The fact that Mr. Keith has been a political hack should not put him on the top of a short list to serve the public. We are talking about enacting policy not being rewarded for doing political favors.

A Pelosi/Reid Dem? Ouch?

Anonymous said...


I noticed you did not address the first post. Your dad should have resigned from the seat and let the people vote on a replacement. That is the "democratic" thing to do?

What is more hypocritical is your family wanted, your brother, Kyle to replace him for the duration and when he would not agree to run again in 2015 they moved on. I am sure you would not have penned this missive, citing your disapproval of the board's handling of the appointment if he would have been given the seat. Would you?

Cry me a river! Typical liberal whining about nothing.

Your father is a good man. Let it go. I look forward to your response to the first post.

P.S. How was my spelling and punctuation?

Anonymous said...

This is garden variety Rankin County politics. You have someone upset the voters couldn't be over-ridden by nepotism and Mr. Brown's son appointed...which was something being attempted that did not succeed. The flip side is the intellectual dishonesty of then claiming a statesman is trying to over-ride voters. It makes no intellectual sense to say the appointment was wrong because the voters didn't choose the Supervisor when the beef is really that nepotism wasn't exercised to keep your family in the position...which was being attempted without the voters for the same seat. As far as political favors go...statesmen are people like the rest of us who pick up the phone and tell people we recommend an appointment as citizens. They are still citizens. That is true even though I don't believe the supposed factual account of this blog in relation to Harper. The intellectual dishonesty of omitting the fact Brown's son was up for the same appointment...without an election... and you complaining about voters not choosing the Supervisor in consideration of that caused me to put no credibility in the facts you allege about a congressman. It is Rankin politics. Most of us know what that means. If Harper or anyone else had made calls for the young Mr. Brown, this blog wouldn't exist. You can bark about a person's punctuation or spelling, but your logic fails, which is a lot worse of an insult to the schools.

Anonymous said...

Get yourself a Monster!

Kingfish said...

You should really take down this post. Your brother tried to get the appointment. Good guy. But the fact you are posting this while neglecting to say the board deadlocked on your brother, well, its a conflict of interest. Period.