Sunday, July 27, 2014

Phil Bryant Takes No Responsibility for Anything

Rather than show any leadership skills, Phil Bryant deflects the blame for an increase in the number of uninsured persons in the state of Mississippi.
"If statistics show that the ill-conceived and so-called Affordable Care Act is resulting in higher rates of uninsured people in Mississippi, I'd say that's yet another example of a broken promise from Barack Obama," said the Republican governor when asked to comment on a study by WalletHub showing the percentage of uninsured in Mississippi has increased 3.34 percentage points to 21.46 percent of the total population.
As a reminder, Bryant scuttled a plan by his fellow Republican Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney to establish a state-based insurance market in Mississippi which would have allowed private insurance companies to sell their products throughout the state. Because of Phil Bryant's stubbornness, thousands of Mississippians cannot obtain health insurance. This is not the President's fault; it's Phil Bryant's fault. Phil Bryant is the governor; Phil Bryant is the person who made the decision which has led to this unfortunate - and preventable - situation from occurring.

According to the article:
Only three Southern states participated in the Medicaid expansion -- Arkansas, Kentucky and West Virginia. All three experienced some of the biggest drops in the percentage of uninsured residents -- 10.74 percent in West Virginia, 8.35 percent in Kentucky and 7.1 percent in Arkansas.
Other Southern states showed leadership to expand health care insurance options to their citizens and, lo and behold, their uninsured rates are dropping! Mind you, the governors of the aforementioned states have Democratic governors. Arkansas even has a Republican-led legislature, and they agreed to assist with broadening Medicaid coverage!

Phil Bryant will not take responsibility for the increase of uninsured persons in the state. Phil Bryant will not take responsibility for the state now having the highest unemployment rate in the country. Phil Bryant will not take responsibility for anything.

The voters of Mississippi should ask what Phil Bryant is responsible for doing other than being a professional passer of the buck.

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