Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mississippi Democratic Trust Challenges Hosemann to Take Election "Integrity" Seriously...

Today, The Mississippi Democratic Trust released a statement regarding the selective involvement of Delbert Hosemann's commitment to election "integrity." He makes a really good point, so I wanted to make sure every got to see it. Is Delbert fair to everyone or only those he finds fair?
Election laws must apply to Republicans too
Mississippi Democratic Trust Press
Brandon Jones 

July 1, 2014
On Tuesday, Brandon Jones, Director of the Mississippi Democratic Trust, issued the following statement regarding the Mississippi Republican U.S. Senate Primary:
“This election has already provided more than its share of tragic and bizarre stories.  Now, the specter of election fraud has been raised.  The citizens of this state were sold a package of voting laws by leaders who told us that their main concern was election integrity.  These leaders, like Secretary of State Hosemann, now have an opportunity to show that all the talk about protecting the vote wasn't politics as usual.  Because election integrity laws should never be enforced selectively based on party, we call on Secretary Hosemann and local law enforcement officials to treat these allegations with the seriousness they deserve."    

Brandon Jones, Executive Director
Mississippi Democratic Trust



Anonymous said...

Thank You Mr. Jones, It appears integrity is thing of the past for a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

Brandon Jones preaching election integrity, when he came to Hattiesburg and asked the jury to ignore the law is utterly laughable.