Friday, April 25, 2014

Another Mississippi Hospital is in Trouble, Another Republican Doesn't Care

Recent news out of the Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital in Kosciusko has alarming news about health care services in a rural part of our state.
Thirty-five people were laid off because a worsening financial situation according to hospital administrators. That is 22 percent of the hospital’s workforce. 
The layoffs included 3 registered nurses, 11 licensed practical nurses, 10 certified nursing assistants, 4.5 respiratory therapy positions, 3 environmental services positions, 2 business office positions, a maintenance position, and 2 part-time laboratory positions. John Dawson, hospital CEO, said at least 3 employees eligible for retirement will retire. The hospital will also cut the hours worked per pay period for employees in departments like pharmacy, radiology, and others. Also, the hospital will close its Senior Care Unit, and Intensive Outpatient Program. 
Once again, we have our state's Republican leadership to thank for this sad situation. Specifically, Kosciusko's own representative, Jason White (R-West), obeyed his marching orders from Speaker Gunn (R) and voted against funding to help a hospital in his district maintain its operations, keep his constituents on the job, and provide health care services to the community. It takes some kind of nerve to follow a command like that.

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