Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sen. Terry Brown and the "Prohibition Against Employer Intimidation Act"

Sen. Terry Brown (R - Columbus)
Sen. Terry Brown (R - Columbus) has authored a trio of pretty terrible, and likely unconstitutional, bills aimed at making sure you keep your danged mouth shut, you peon.

The first, SB 2473, also known as the "Prohibition Against Employer Intimidation Act", seeks to protect those long suffering employers from their awful, mean, nasty employees.  According to the bill:
Intimidation, extortion, and coercion are illegal and present a substantial risk to public safety and the well-being of the state's citizens, workers and businesses; and certain limited and reasonable restrictions are deemed necessary to protect our citizens from these harms.
Brown goes on to write about how our business owners need protections from their employees, who are apparently liable to do them serious bodily harm.

Seriously, y'all, I had no idea.  To hear Sen. Brown tell it, it must be like Kristalnacht out there for employers in Mississippi. (Which if it's Mississippi, would it be "Krystal-nacht"?) I'm going to keep an eye on my secretary.  I had no idea she wanted to intimidate, extort, and coerce me. Thank you, Sen. Brown, for letting me know!

Of course, the real reason behind this bill is to make employees so scared of legal repercussions from their boss that they never ask for a raise, a new coffee pot, or an extra sick day.

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