Thursday, January 23, 2014

Brandon Jones, the State Seal, and Jesus

Mississippi Democratic Trust Executive Director Brandon Jones went on MPB's @issue program tonight, where he was paired with former MSGOP Chairman Jim Herring. The issue of Gov. Bryant's proposal to put "In God We Trust" on the State Seal came up, and when asked about it, Jones responded: 
"I will say this. In the New Testament, the number one admonition of Jesus is that we take care of our poor. And I think until Mississippi does a better job of that, we ought to be careful what we put God's name on in this state. I think if people are very serious about their Christian commitment, they want to live out their faith, then what we need to do is really get serious about educating our young people, making sure that they have healthcare opportunities, and then we can worry about what we slap God's name on."
He didn't actually drop the mic and walk away, but he might as well have. 

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