Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update: Senator Chris McDaniel Distances Himself from Neo-Confederates, But There Are Pictures

In a blog post by Geoff Pender over at The Clarion-Ledger late this afternoon, McDaniel took a defensive stance regarding his reported attendance at a Neo-Confederate event in August. 

A Screenshot of the Jones County Rosin Heels Website
McDaniel claims to have been at an ALEC event in Chicago (a whole different issue) the weekend that his name was featured on a Rosin Heels conference invite chock full of radical speakers. But the Jones County Senator goes on to admit that he was definitely a speaker at a Rosin Heels meeting just weeks before.

It might have been hard for McDaniel to deny that one.  Jones County Rosin Heels posted a photo on their website.

It is entirely possible that McDaniel decided he was more beholden to corporations than Neo-Confederates in Jones County during the 2nd week of August, and chose ALEC instead. But he courted them both, and was at least willing to be advertised on the Rosin Heels invite.

If corporations are people, too, I wonder if they only count as 3/5ths of one.

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