Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Marshall County GOP Rebukes Elders, Throws a Party

As we noted yesterday, the Marshall County Republican Party rebuked our state's Republican United States Senators for not following the Party's platform as closely as they would like.

What better way to celebrate a public relations headache for Mississippi Republicans than to have a party?

In early November, Marshall County Republicans will host an event with state Senator Chris McDaniel, the Tea Party leader of the Mississippi Senate. This is the same Chris McDaniel who will announce later this week whether he plans to challenge Senator Thad Cochran in the 2014 Republican primary. What a coincidence he will speak at their dinner just days after they issued a resolution denouncing his potential opponent!

State Treasurer Lynn Fitch will also to be a guest at this party in her home county. I trust she accepted the invitation of Marshall County Republicans well in advance of their censure of fellow Republican elected officials. This now puts Fitch in the uncomfortable position of being cheerful in a crowd of Tea Party activists who have demonstrated that they will throw candidates to the wolves if they stray from the flock.

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