Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Speaker Gunn Links Donation Page through State Website

House Speaker Philip Gunn has begun a new marketing campaign! For a $25 donation, you can get a t-shirt with his name and some macho graphics on it.

Or, you can forget the shirt and go to the Speaker's page on the state legislature's website. Once there, you will be diverted to the Speaker's political page where you can find news updates and his tweets from 1970.

It seems quite unethical for the Speaker of the House to link his campaign donation page to the state legislature's website. At last check, no other member of the legislature has his or her campaign website linked to a state website.

Speaker Gunn is soon to continue a series of campaign events "Idea Tours" across the state. Maybe he'll suggest Mississippians visit his website to get the latest news and leave a few coins in the tip jar.

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winter54 said...

Ethics violations ???