Thursday, August 29, 2013

Senate Conservative Coalition Opposes: Compromise

Sen. Melanie Sojourner (R-Natchez)
In this edition of Senate Conservative Coalition Opposes:, we take a look at comments made by Senator Melanie Sojourner. 
The time for compromise must be over if we are ever to rein in government, reverse out of control spending spending and free the people from the burden of past bureaucratic regulations.
Regurgitating tea party platitudes aside, what is the senator's opposition to compromise? Is compromise seen as a weakness? When did the essence of the legislative process become taboo?

Who is the authority to determine what qualifies as "past bureaucratic regulations" and "out of control spending?" Amongst this authority, did these individuals compromise on what these measurements are? Does that eliminate her argument entirely?

In her time in the state legislature, has Sojourner noticed any evidence of compromise taking place in our state Capitol? Does she consider Governor Bryant, the Speaker, and the Lt. Governor weak leaders for making compromises?

Her uneasiness at compromise, or legislating, is part of a growing trend that we are seeing with her tea party colleagues. As the tea party's influence in the Capitol grows, are they itching for a chance to show us what they are made of? Will they compromise to determine what that will look like?

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