Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gov. Bryant, don't dump nuclear waste on my foot and tell me it's raining

From today's Clarion-Ledger:
But even after a closed meeting Monday with the energy industry group pushing for nuclear waste storage and reprocessing, Bryant said, “I haven’t had a chance to look at all that,” when asked about a position paper put out by the group. The group, the Mississippi Energy Institute, includes Bryant’s top economic development officer as a board member. 
For the past few days since the story broke that Gov. Bryant's close allies were attempting to arrange for nuclear waste to be stored in Mississippi, Gov. Bryant has constantly said he didn't know much about it.

Were you not paying attention two months ago in France, Gov. Bryant?  You know, when you toured the headquarters of Areva, the French company behind the efforts to put nuclear waste in Mississippi?

The following is a screenshot of a webpage on Areva's website.  It details a visit to their French facilities back in June of 2013 by Gov. Bryant, his Deputy Chief of Staff Lucien Smith, Patrick Sullivan, head of the Mississippi Energy Institute, and Haley Fisackerly, head of Entergy.

Why is this important?  Areva not only specializes in the production of nuclear power, but also in what it calls the "back end" business. Although Areva is a French company, it is the largest nuclear power company in the United States. According to its website,
AREVA is present throughout the nuclear power cycle, and almost half of all nuclear waste transported in the country is handled by its subsidiary, TN International.
Now, back to the Areva website. Take a look at this URL, which is for the tragfic counter for the page above:

The interesting part of that URL is this:  back-end::backend-facilities-around-the-world::recycling-facilities::areva-la-hague::visits::2946-state-ofnbsp-mississippi.  That certainly looks like Gov. Bryant, the head of MEI, and the CEO of Entergy were learning about how Areva handles nuclear waste.

Gov. Bryant, don't dump nuclear waste on my foot and tell me it's raining.

EDIT - Edited at 2:52 a.m. to reflect new information regarding the URL. It is part of a traffic counting service, not a link to a photo that is no longer on the website. 

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