Monday, July 29, 2013

Clarion Ledger recap of Ware v. DuPree so far:

It's been a busy week for our everyday lives here at Cottonmouth, so sincere apologies that we have been short of covering the Ware v. Dupree trial extensively, let alone ad infinitum.

But the Clarion-Ledger has a good piece that ran this morning that's worth a look.

A few quotes that stand out:

..blaming a total system breakdown has its own pitfalls, as DuPree attorneys were quick to show through the first week. Should innocent voters pay for the sins of well-meaning, but poorly-trained poll managers? As DuPree attorney Brandon Jones stated in his opening statement, “Voting rules are here to protect us, not to trip us up.”

The Clarion Ledger as well as other news sources have come to regard Pete Perry as an "expert witness." While I have no qualms or contention of Mr. Perry's knowledge of election law, I still find it amazing that the Hinds County Republican Committee chairman was not only allowed to go to the stand, but can also taken as a credible, unbiased source on the subject.

Lastly, a quote from a voter:

Gia Croom, who attended the proceedings throughout the week, expressed a common sentiment among some spectators — a belief that the trial is disenfranchising voters, like herself, who voted absentee.
“Once the votes are voted, it’s done,” said Croom.

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