Monday, June 24, 2013

Wyatt Emmerich to Bryant, Reeves, and Gunn: Get real

Boy, this is a scathing editorial from a Mississippi newspaper man long known for his allegiances to Republicans.  Wyatt Emmerich, speaking of the Mississippi GOP's response to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, had the following to say:
So here we are. Mississippi, which represents one percent of the nation, is going to stand up to the United States of America and refuse to implement The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. 
Haven’t we seen this show before? Don’t we know how it ends? 
If I were dictator, our nation would have an excellent network of charity clinics and hospitals for the poor and the rest of the health care industry would be completely based on the free market. 
But it is not so and no amount of wishing otherwise will change this one bit. Can somebody please explain this to our governor, lieutenant governor and speaker of the house?

It ain't for a lack of trying, brother.

He goes on:
Think about it. If someone offered you a billion dollars a year for three years, would you turn it down because they might not give you a full billion dollars in the fourth year? Of course not. You’d take the money while it lasted. This is not rocket science. 
This billion dollars would have a huge effect on the growth and prosperity of Mississippi. This money would fund hospitals, clinics, physicians and the entire health care industry in our state. In many Mississippi towns, the hospital is the biggest employer. 
Mississippi’s Republican leaders think nothing of giving millions to mega corporations in the name of job creation, yet they turn down a billion dollar economic windfall for our medical industry.
Yeah, that's pretty much it.  Kudos to Emmerich for stepping out there and cutting through the BS.

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Dr_John said...

WoW Cottonmouth... Thanks for posting this. You need to make copies for the governor and his boys Reeves @ Gunn... Then get 3 boxes of color crayons & highlight the important parts and send over (include the boxes of colors) to the governor's office. That might help them understand.