Monday, June 10, 2013

"Wound Licking" and "Soul Searching" - The Sun Herald's coverage of Blue Tuesday

Check out what the Political Editor for the Sun Herald, Michael Newsom, had to say about Blue Tuesday today.

Newsom fuses the terrible Tuesday for the Mississippi Republican Party, which includes Governor Bryant's insistence that women in the workplace contributed to mediocrity in public education, with the failure to elect municipal leaders across the state. Some takeaways:

The Republican Party was licking its wounds late Tuesday night...the results were really ugly for the GOP in races the party had targeted.
Relating to Mayor Moran's re-election:
There never was a solid backing for McKay from the business community and the GOP base there. Also, the push to make party affiliation a major factor for municipal voters still hasn't caught on. Moran ran a good campaign and effectively sold the city's accomplishments under her watch.
On election night, McKay was clobbered, coming in 25 percentage points behind Moran.
Now, he and his party begin the worn-out TV news political cliché -- the time of soul searching.

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Newsom suggested that the Republican Party's only win was beating independent, disgraced former Republican Greg Davis, and reminded Cottonmouth readers of what they may already know:

 The Mississippi Republican Party is in disarray.  And The Mississippi Democratic Party is capitalizing on that opportunity.

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Ethan said...

Isn't this all going to be moot anyway when obamacare is fully implemented? Isn't everyone guaranteed healthcare under that program? Seems to me we'll all be on Medicaid at that point, unless you're of those poor saps who makes too much money and then you have to pay for your OWN healthcare plus contribute to that of the rest of us as well.