Wednesday, June 5, 2013

99 Shades of Crazy: Joe Nosef melts down on Twitter in wake of electoral devastation

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Last night, as the polls were closing and the bad news was mounting for Mississippi Republicans, MSGOP Chairman Joe Nosef lashed out at the Mississippi Democratic Trust and the Mississippi Democratic Party, the two organizations that just cleaned his electoral clock:

@MSDemTrust @MSDemocrat shows how far y'all have fallen to be giddy about tonight; get a candidate for Gov, LG, SOS, auditor, us senate ...
6/4/13 10:49 PM
@MSDemTrust @MSDemocrat also might want to find one for treasurer, insurance comm, AG comm, congress in 1, 3 & 4 ...
6/4/13 10:51 PM
@MSDemTrust @MSDemocrat while you're at it add all transportation commissioners and 2 PSC, not to mention your 0-3 supreme ct last year
6/4/13 10:53 PM

It's pretty funny that Nosef spent the latter part of last night trying to poo-poo the results, as his organization spent time last week talking about how important they were.  Don't believe me?  Check out the email from the MSGOP I've embedded below, entitled "Less than a week away".  In it, the MSGOP prominently features four videos.  Videos for Republican mayoral candidates John McKay, Cheri Barry, Dan Moreland, and Fred Pitts, each of whom lost yesterday.  Heck, there wasn't even one of them close to winning.  Here's the email where the MSGOP asks for monetary help in these "vital" races:


nmisscommenter said...

Interesting that the publicity steered clear of Todd Wade here in Oxford.

But while on the subject-- hey! look what Oxford did-- all but one Republican off the Board of Aldermen, and reelected its Democratic mayor.

Unknown said...

Did Todd Wade run as a Repub? I thought he was an Independent. Fact check?