Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Speaker Philip Gunn takes to Facebook to push a petition aimed at stopping Medicaid expansion

Just in case anyone was wondering who is on the side of working Mississippians and who isn't, Speaker Philip Gunn has started a Facebook push to prevent the expansion of Medicaid.  The expansion of Medicaid, he says, will cost Mississippi taxpayers $1B.  (Of course he offers no support whatsoever for his assertion that it will cost Mississippians a billion dollars.)  What he conveniently leaves out of his Facebook post and petition is that the Mississippi investment in Medicaid expansion is spread out over 10 years, and will be more than offset by $10B in federal spending.

Furthermore, the investment Mississippians make in Medicaid expansion will bring in an estimated $673.8M in new income for 2014-2020 alone.

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