Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jeff Amy: Gov. Bryant appears to be slipping on GOP plan to stymy Medicaid

Jeff Amy has a great article up today about the GOP strategy to prevent Medicaid expansion.  Primarily, he talks about how Bryant's announcement that he won't call a special session at all is a marked deviation from the prior stance of calling one and putting the pressure on Democrats while in special session.  Here's how the article begins:
That seemed to be the case last week when Gov. Phil Bryant said he would try to run Medicaid even if the Legislature failed to pass bills reauthorizing or funding the program. Beyond the cloudy legality of the Republican’s claim, it turns away from the clear-as-glass GOP strategy of blaming Democrats for voting against the program and causing a calamity where 640,000 Mississippians wouldn’t have health care coverage come July 1.
I recommend reading the whole thing here.

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