Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In other news, Sen. Nickey Browning comes out of the closet

Sen. Nickey Browning (R - Pontotoc)
Sen. Nickey Browning (R - Pontotoc) consummated a long-simmering and seldom-hidden love affair with the Mississippi Republican Party today, announcing his party switch to the surprise of no one at the Capitol (but perhaps to some folks back home).

As for the reasons for the switch, there is speculation that former Gov. Musgrove's recent support of equal rights for LGBT citizens was the cause. If so, it just goes to prove the adage: If it's intolerance you're looking for, the Mississippi Republican Party is a great place to start.

Well, Browning was never much of a vote for Pontotoc anyway, but he's been a pretty steady vote for Wall Street.  He'll fit in just fine.

P.S. - Does this mean that Sen. Browning's coming out party will include the following quote: "I'm here to be a straight, conservative Republican?"

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