Saturday, January 5, 2013

South Mississippi, repent.

Close followers of this blog know that I don't talk about national politics here.  There are plenty of folks covering that.  I am going to break that self-imposed rule now, because one of our congressmen has done something I'm still in shock over.

The congressman representing the Katrina ravaged Gulf Coast voted against Hurricane Sandy relief. 

With his vote, Congressman Palazzo became the only member of Mississippi's delegation to use the disaster relief platform to offer a Tea Party affirmation of faith.

This is about the most ignorant thing a member of the Mississippi delegation to Washington has done since Theodore Bilbo was removed from it. 

Go ahead: Sleep with a board member of a corporation with important legislation before your committtee.  Funnel money to your in-laws' businesses through pork barrell projects.  Get caught up in a gay sex scandal.  That's all peanuts, as that only embarrasses the member.  But when a member of the congressional delegation from a state not only heavily dependent on federal funds in the first place, but absolutely DOA without federal disaster assistance, deliberately sticks his finger in the eye of other Americans suffering from a devastating hurricane, that endangers the future of those he represents.

There can be no doubt that our Gulf Coast, represented in whole by Mr. Palazzo, will be hit again by a hurricane.  And there can be no doubt that the people of our Gulf Coast, who elected Mr. Palazzo, will be in serious need of federal funds to rebuild their lives, just as the victims of Hurricane Sandy are.

I pray that the good people of the Northeast will forgive them for electing someone who would dare treat them this way.  And that they will not respond to Mr. Palazzo's idiotic and shortsighted vote in kind. 

In short, I hope they remember the Golden Rule, which Palazzo seems to have forgotten.

Residents of the 4th Congressional District:  You have a way to show the people of the Northeast that you 1) are grateful for all they've done in the past to help you rebuild, and 2) that Pallazzo in no way represents your beliefs on federal disaster relief.  You can vote him out. And you should, if for no other reason than you need to show the rest of our country that you are not ungrateful for what they've done for you in the past.  Because, believe me, right now that's how you look.

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