Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BREAKING - MSGOP fires Brett Kittredge

This is an update to a post from last night.

I've been able to confirm that Brett Kittredge, former editor of Majority in Mississippi, has been fired from the Mississippi Republican Party.  Kittredge had been lured over to Mississippi from Georgia by the MSGOP at the beginning of this year to serve as their Communications Director.  That's the Christmas spirit, Republicans!

So who replaces him?  Frank Corder?


Tom Head said...

You know, as somebody who knew Brett during his Majority in Mississippi days—and came to disagree with virtually everything about the site, including the name and header—I will say that he has always struck me as a really nice guy with a good eye for media and a talent for spin. Unless he did something really stupid (which I doubt), the Mississippi GOP is going to regret letting him go.

Dave said...

Well with JN at the helm at the MSGOP, stupidity is the top of the ticket...