Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Woman calls SuperTalk demanding choice and equal pay; other callers blame her stances on emotion and hormones

Well, ain't this just about typical? A self-reported Republican woman named Cathy called into the Paul Gallo show on SuperTalk this morning. She said Romney lost because women wanted the right to choose on the abortion issue and that they expect equal pay for equal work (the horror!). That incensed more than a few of the SuperTalk listeners, who then began calling in. Unsurprisingly, they were quick to scold her. One man said she was "acting on emotion", and another said she "needed her hormones checked". Gallo can be heard laughing at the suggestion that Cathy's hormones weren't in balance. Here's the audio, courtesy of SuperTalk.


Naomi said...

It is common for people to dismiss women's anger, saying it is "emotion", or "hormones".

It is sexist, primitive and pathetic.

They are not validating her claims.

Her arguments are valid and deserve to be heard.

Naomi said...

Very dismissive, jerk move.