Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mississippi Power seeks end run to raise rates, Mississippi Supreme Court says no

In connection with the ratepayer-funded construction of their Kemper County lignite coal power plant, Mississippi Power sought to raise rates for their customers an additional $20 a month to cover cost overruns. The Public Service Commission voted to disallow the increase, so Mississippi Power decided to appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court. The Court rejected Mississippi Power's request to raise rates yesterday in an 8-0 decision (Chief Justice Waller did not participate). Here is the Order from the Supremes:

MSSC Order Denying Mississippi Power Rate Increase

The more this plays out, one has to wonder what then-Gov. Barbour and then-Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant were doing when they pushed so hard to gain approval for Mississippi Power to build this thing on the backs of the ratepayers.  Wyatt Emmerich's article from the other day gives a good synopsis of the history of the Kemper plant thus far, and I encourage you to read both my post on it and the original. (Follow this link to get to both.)

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