Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ANALYSIS OF FLOWERS SENATE MAP: Not a perfect plan, but not awful like the House map

After reviewing the Senate redistricting plan proposed by Sen. Merle Flowers (R - Southaven), I've got to say that it's not that bad of a map.  In fact, by comparison, this makes the House map created by Rep. Bill Denny (R - Jackson) look even worse.  The Flowers map shows that it is possible to redistrict the state without re-segregating it as Denny did.

Here are some notes:

  • 33 of the 52 Senate districts lost African-American voting population when the state as a whole saw its African-American population increase by 0.7%
  • That being said, only 4 districts saw any significant decrease in BVAP (black voting-age population), and those districts were 2, 14, 33, and 47.
  • Depending on the definition of "districts of influence" one chooses, the number of lost districts of influence is either 2 or 4.  
  • If a district of influence is one which has a BVAP of 25%-50%, then there are 15 districts of influence out of 52 under this map.  That's opposed to the House map, which has 19 out of 122. 
  • The number of majority minority districts increases by 2 under the Flowers map.
  • The reduction of the number of split precincts to 14 is pretty impressive.
  • Sen. Bill Stone (D - Ashland) is the only Senator I see that's getting screwed pretty hard.  His district, District 2, is being moved to DeSoto County, and he's being thrown into Sen. Nicky Browning's (D - Pontotoc) district.
I don't think you'll see much rancor over this plan, but we'll see.  The plan is before the Senate right now.

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