Saturday, April 7, 2012

Republicans poised to take their legislative failures out on Mississippi workers

In an article titled "Experience cited in GOP setbacks," Clarion Ledger writers Jessica Bakeman and Cassandra Mickens charitably allow Republicans to credit inexperience as the cause of their legislative failures this session.  While I'd agree that our new Republican leaders have done a poor job of using the rules to their advantage and have looked discombobulated when handling major bills, I think their primary problem isn't something on-the-job training is going to solve. 

The lesson of this legislature is that all the election year talk of job creation and improving the bottom line for Mississippi families was artifice.  Rather than focusing on bread and butter economic issues, Republicans have made clear that their focus is on pushing a radical social agenda.

Thankfully, Republican overreaching has at least temporarily cost them a half-cocked charter school bill, Alabama-style immigration reform and compulsory transvaginal ultrasounds.  However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Republican leadership, rather than step back and reevaluate, has chosen to step into Mississippi workers with the "Workers Compensation Destruction Bill" .    

So let's recap: Republicans have shown no interest in job creation or economic recovery and have instead pushed a radical social agenda, the failure of which they are now taking out on Mississippi workers, the very people who will ultimately be the key to any economic recovery.  Any questions?  

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When can we vote again?