Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rep. Ed Blackmon (D - Canton) begins questioning Rep. Bill Denny (R - Jackson) about the Denny map

Rep. Blackmon begins questioning Rep. Denny by talking about history, and how redistricting has played a role in advancing minority representation over the years.  Blackmon says that redistricting has increased the number of minorities in the House from 5 to 37.

Blackmon then gets Denny to admit that the party split in the House is really just the Regular Democrats and the Loyalist Democrats shuffling amongst the parties.  That's a pretty strong admission by Denny.

Blackmon then starts talking about the packed districts.  Denny says he decreased the packing in districts.  Blackmon says there is no longer a need for packed districts in order to elect minorities.  Denny agrees.

Blackmon is doing a great job on the packing issue, to which Denny is wide open and vulnerable.  Blackmon says you could unpack many of the majority minority districts and increase minority voting power across the state.  He's absolutely right.

Blackmon then asks Denny whether or not the experts retained by Denny could unpack the majority minority districts and better preserve communities of interests and compactness.  Denny says that's a hypothetical.

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