Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rep. Chuck Espy (D - Clarksdale), a charter schools proponent, vows to investigate Dickson shoving incident

In a fiery speech made on a point of personal privilege just before the House adjourned this afternoon, Rep. Chuck Espy (D - Clarksdale) vowed to get to the bottom of what happened that led to Rep. Reecy Dickson (D - Macon) being "disrespected" after the charter schools vote in the House Education Committee.

Espy is referring to the reported incident in which a purported TEA party member allegedly shoved Rep. Dickson in the hallway after the charter schools bill died in the House Education Committee by a single vote.  Rep. Dickson voted against the bill.

Rep. Chuck Espy has been a strong supporter of charter schools legislation.  Previous posts on this are here and here.


Kingfish said...

I was there. With cameras rolling the entire time. Didn't see any shoving nor when I was outside in the crowded hallway did I see any commotion indicating such a disturbance.

Now lets see if this gets published.

Cottonmouth said...

You calling Rep. Espy a liar?

Kingfish said...

Nope. All I am doing is testify to what I did or did not see and can back up with video evidence. And you know that counselor.

Kingfish said...

Actually I spoke to Mr. Espy and if what he said happened happened, I'll do the same thing to that idiot.