Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rep. Bill Denny (R - Jackson) won't reveal maps, but will say which members are pitted against each other

As stated earlier, Rep. Bill Denny (R - Jackson) would not let members of the public see his redistricting plan this morning, but he did announce which members of the House would be pitted against one another in the next election when responding to a question.  Those members are:

  • Kevin Horan (D - Grenada) & Linda Whittington (D - Schlater)
  • Bill Denny (R - Jackson) & Cecil Brown (D - Jackson) (I imagine this means Denny swooped in and picked up Cecil's house and not much more of Cecil's district, unless Denny is retiring.)
  • Jason White (D - West) & Bennett Malone (D - Carthage)
  • Robert Huddleston (D - Sumner) & Tommy Taylor (R - Boyle)
  • Bo Eaton (D - Taylorsville) & Johnny Stringer (D - Montrose)

For those keeping score at home, that's 8 Democrats forced to run against a sitting member, while only 2 Republicans will have to do so.

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