Monday, March 26, 2012

***BREAKING*** - Workers Compensation legislation read the third time, may be debated tomorrow

The eyes of workers across the state are on the Capitol, waiting on the House to debate SB 2576, the twin brother of HB 555.  The language in SB 2576 is horrible for the working folks of Mississippi, and has been defeated once already by the House.  You can read about the language in SB 2576 here.

When called up on the calendar today, the bill was read for the third time rather than being debated.  That is a parliamentary move by proponents of the bill that signals they do not have the votes to pass the bill at this time. There will be some heavy leaning on House members tonight to get them to switch their votes from HB 555.  I'll be watching the vote tomorrow, and will let you know who, if anyone, switches.

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