Monday, February 13, 2012

Sen. Fillingane goes trolling legislative style

Sen. Joey Fillingane (R - Sumrall) has introduced SC 555, a resolution the seeks to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would make it the public policy of Mississippi to prevent abortion except in instances where the life of the mother is in question, to the extent allowed by the United States constitution, of course. He also seeks to create a constitutional prohibition against spending state money on abortions. Click here for a link to the bill.


Anonymous said...

For some reason, Senator Fillingane seems to believe that God Almighty himself has chosen him to single-handedly rewrite the entire Mississippi Constitution to suit his political wants and needs. He apparently is delusional at best.

bill said...

Not delusional, just responding to input from his constituents. Don't worry, Billy. I don't think this will pass, at least not without being sufficiently watered down as to not break federal law, and if it does it won't be approved by the voters. I know, it's a shame that we have to go through the process, but it's any legislator's right to respond to the people of his district. Bill Billingsley

Cottonmouth said...

To the person who attempted to comment on this post by making an ad hominem attack on the author of the bill:

Please clean that up and try again.