Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rankin County Republicans seek to give radar guns to Rankin Sheriff

File this one away under "Republican - Small Government": Rankin County representatives in the Legislature have filed a bill that would give the Rankin County Sheriff the ability to setup speed traps. (Exactly what that county's reputation needs right now.)

Here's the bill:

Interestingly, I found several bills authored by Republicans that seek to give sheriff's deputies across the state the ability to use radar. All but two of them were written by members of the newly-minted House Republican majority.

In fact, no Democrats offered bills to allow the increased use of radar. The only Democratic bill on the subject was authored by Rep. Bobby Moak, who seeks to prohibit state troopers from running radar within cities and ensure that no radar can be used within 1,000 feet of a 10 mph reduction in the speed limit.

Party of small government, indeed.

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Stog said...

Well I became a Republican, avid Republican, in 1961 and after about the mid 70's began to become disillusioned with the way the party (no strike that a use Club) was going. Now with Speaker Gunn's 180 degree turn on curbing expenses, at least House expenses, and Rankin GOP members wanting more, not less, government control over our lives, I'm afloat at sea.
Can't be a Democrat, can't accept too many of their major goals so I suppose I'm a 'recovering Republican'. Maybe I can persuade enough persons during this year's caucuses to return to the principles Yerger and company brought to the Mississippi GOP oh so many years ago.