Thursday, January 12, 2012

Speaker Gunn hires political operative as a taxpayer cost of $110,000

Granting a 30 year-old political ad man with a salary commensurate with a circuit court judge, Speaker Gunn, through his Management Committee, has hired an assistant.  This $110,000 a year hire comes at a time when the State budget is in dire straits, and drastic cuts are expected to be made to all state programs, from education to health care to transportation.

But hey, at least Speaker Gunn will have someone in a nice suit to write his press releases.  For what it's worth, there was no such aide for Speaker McCoy.

The party of small government, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

yep, and what did the House Democrats get, nothing, nothing, that's what. First, they laid-down and did not even make a symbolic show of force in at least putting-up and voting for a Speaker candidate. The majority of their 58 members sat silent. Next, they cut NO deal on just rolling over on the seniority rule with the 2 big money committees, simply allowing the Republicans to seize complete control, with some symbolic possibility of a "vice-chair" with NO real power. No ranking minority member with no power, no control over any committee staff, no budget to combat the Speaker's $110k per year flunkee. Pathetic, let them all join the other party, starting completely from scratch would be a fabulous thing at this point for Democrats.