Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mississippi Democratic Trust calls for shortened session

This morning, Brandon Jones, chairman of the newly formed Mississippi Democratic Trust and former state representative from Jackson County, has called on legislators to shorten the legislative session by 30 days, a cost cutting measure that could mean big savings for the state.  Jones said, “During this budget crisis, it is important that lawmakers be more accountable than ever.  Shortening the legislative session by ninety days would create an estimated $825,000 in cost savings that Mississippi needs for other critical programs.”  Jones continued, “We are calling on the leadership in both chambers to make an immediate declaration to shorten the session and save taxpayer dollars.”


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Unknown said...

When Phil Bryant came out with the policy to shorten the session, Billy McCoy said it was unwise but consented. They ended up with special sessions to finish their work. Bobby Harrison mentioned that is more expensive than regular sessions. But there was also two parties in control of the legislature. With one party control, maybe Brandon Jones' suggestion would work.