Monday, January 16, 2012

8th grader demonstrates Republican claims about Attorney General Hood are flat out lies

Republicans, in an effort to prevent Attorney General Jim Hood from protecting Mississippi from unscrupulous Wall Street behemoths, are attacking Hood's ability to contract with attorneys skilled in high-level litigation. Among the complaints being made by Republicans are that AG Hood isn't being transparent about whom he contracts with, that the terms of these contracts are unknown, and that some "insiders" get better terms than others. Allegations like these need to be called what they are: bald-faced lies designed to prevent Mississippi from defending itself against major corporations who steal from us.

In a video being circulated among legislators and members of the media by the Mississippi Democratic Trust, an 8th grader shows just how easy it is to locate and read contracts AG Hood signs with independent counsel. Oh, and how every single contract has the same payment terms. Here's the video:


Whitney said...

To be fair, 8th graders are probably way better at the Internets than Republican legislators. Old white men tend to use the Internet primarily for porn and forwarding conspiracy theories about Obama.

Anonymous said...

Lets ask the 8th grader what he would say about the sad state of the MS economy with over 10% unemployment, coupled with the declining state monies and tax revenues available for the new budget, and whether or not given theses variables, if it was therefore wise for the new Republican House Speaker, Mr. Gunn, to hire a glorified 30 year old secretary at an annual salary of $110,000, plus benefits. Lets see if the 8th grader thinks that this is a wise expenditure of Mississippi state tax dollars.