Monday, December 19, 2011


The new congressional map

Here are the other documents released by the Court tonight concerning this map:

The Order
Analysis of Factors Considered in Drafting the Plan
District Statistics Report
Core Constituencies Report
Plan Components Report


Unknown said...

I know the Democratic Party wanted Adams and Wilkinson County to stay in CD3, which this map provides. However, as a resident of Adams, I am sad that I have to continue to be represented by a Republican.

John Clark said...

I think that the Court proposes reasonable district lines, except that I don't understand the reasoning behind the little appendix-shaped siphon of south Madison County (predominantly white) voters into District 3. That has the appearance of gerrymandering.

I understand Casey Ann's dismay, but I think that democracy as a whole is furthered by avoiding districts which are heavily weighted in favor of any racial group. Members of Congress should have to run in diverse districts so as to promote moderate rather than extreme positions on issues.

John Clark said...

I think that the Court has proposed a reasonable plan, except that I don't understand the perpetuation of the little appendix-shaped siphon into south Madison County, which presumably sends white voters to District 3.

In my opinion, districts should be as heterogeneous and diverse as possible, to the extent allowed by U.S. Supreme Court precedent. Democracy has not been well served by placing large majorities of white voters into one district while large majorities of black voters are forced into another. Members of Congress should have to run from diverse districts, so as to promote moderate rather than extreme positions on issues.

Unknown said...

John, I totally agree, but I was just feeling sorry for myself and my poor ignored county.

bill said...

John, I've been preaching that for a couple of years now, but as long as the foxes get to design the hen house security system I'm afraid we're stuck with the current system of incumbent protection and race polarization. I live in the goofy little peninsula you're talking about, and I've always believed that if it makes sense for the north and central part of Madison County to be in District Two then it probably makes sense for all of us. The process is backward. Precinct lines need to be drawn first, then municipal districts, then county districts, then legislative, then regional (PSC and Transportation Commissioners), then Congressional. Splitting at any level needs to be avoided. That's the way it would be done if the actual people who lived here were being considered. Since redistricting is for the protection of the elected officials and not to make sense for the voters, we end up with precincts with nine different ballots. A mess...Bill Billingsley