Monday, November 7, 2011

Possible IRS violation by Mississippi church?

Here is a facebook post from the pastor at Oakland Baptist Church in Walnut, MS up in Tippah County (TN border, east of DeSoto Co.):

BigMike Wilbanks:

I just heard a public service announcement. Because of amendment 26 and the anticipation of a record turn out, the Secretary of States office has had to devise a plan as to how to handle the record numbers. The Secretary of States office just announced that if you are voting YES on Ms26, then you are to vote on Tuesday Nov 8th. If you are voting NO on Ms26, then they ask that you wait until Wednesday Nov 9th to cast your vote. Splitting the two groups up like this will make things run much more efficient. Please help spread the word.

Here's his profile from his church:

and their Facebook page:


John Wesley Leek said...

Discouraging to see.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Quite depressing.

C. Richard Cotton said...

Obviously an idiot since he's recycled one of the oldest jokes in modern history. Probably because he's incapable of coming up with something original that's either humorous or useful.

C. Richard Cotton said...

That joke is so old, but it's probably just now getting to Walnut.

perrenialflower said...

Isn't voter supression a federal crime?