Monday, October 10, 2011

Proof that the Republican attack on PERS is from a national playbook to shift PERS management into private hands ***UPDATED 10/12/11***

In an earlier post, I said that Mississippi Republicans were just taking a page out of the national GOP playbook when they began their attack on PERS under the guise of a Study Commission. Their plan, of course, is to ultimately shift management of PERS to private hands so that GOP donors in financial institutions can make a pretty penny off of managing them.  (More on that connection later.)

Here's the proof. I give you articles on Florida, ColoradoAlabama, Tennessee, and Kansas that all mention Republican desires to change public pensions into 401(k)-type plans.  And here's a bonus article from the New York Times article on Utah, Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Virginia switching to 401(k)-type plans.  For the record, I found all of those in about 20 minutes of Googling around.

***UPDATE 10/12/11*** - A legal brief prepared for the PERS Study Commission has been uncovered. There are two new articles on it here and here.

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