Wednesday, October 12, 2011 covers Deborah Tierce's residency issue, but misses the elephant in the room

There's an article on about the Deborah Tierce, the Republican nominee in House District 21. The problem is, they focus only on Tierce's residency problem, and not on what appears to be tax fraud.

If you'll recall, Rickey Cole, Executive Director of the Mississippi Democratic Party, held a press conference yesterday and presented documents showing that Republican candidate Deborah Tierce had filed for homestead exemption on two separate pieces of property at the same time. Yes, one of the parcels of land is inside District 21, and one is outside of it. And yes, there should be an investigation as to whether or not she actually lives in District 21.

But the important thing is that she is apparently committing tax fraud. THAT'S the question that needs to be asked of Deborah Tierce, and frankly, I'm shocked that the reporter covering it didn't flat out ask her.

In fact, it's so obviously problematic that the article quotes the head of the local Republican Party as having reservations about the tax issue:
Digby said that while he agreed there are questions regarding Tierce's homestead exemption status that should be answered, the Mississippi Democratic Party should direct those questions to the office of the secretary of state.
And questions surrounding her homestead exemption should, I guess, be directed to the Department of Revenue?

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