Friday, September 16, 2011

I can already tell this Brandon Presley-Boyce Adams race is going to be fun

When Brandon Presley kicked-off his reelection campaign for Northern District Public Service Commissioner earlier this week, I posted a few colorful quotes of his. Well, his opponent, Boyce Adams, responded by calling Presley a "bully."

I'm serious.

And then Adams, in what can only be judged as one of the worst political move since Walter Mondale said he would raise taxes if elected, Republican Boyce Adams said that he would have voted for the largest rate increase in Mississippi's history.

This race all boils down to whether or not you're a ratepayer or a utility owner. Adams is clearly in the pocket of the utilities, with his yard signs currently being distributed by a local utility in north Mississippi.

So if you are in upper management of Mississippi Power, I can't blame you for voting for Boyce Adams. But if you're virtually anyone else in northern Mississippi, you're going to have to work hard to explain why you'd vote for someone who has already announced he'll vote to take money out of your pockets to give to the utilities.

Presley, on the other hand, had this colorful quote for SuperTalk listeners yesterday at lunch: "If my sweet little mama could come back from the grave and ask me to vote for a 45% rate hike, I'd tell her I couldn't do it."

Get your popcorn ready. This one's just starting.

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