Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How does Steve Simpson earn a living while he runs for Attorney General?

Six months ago, he couldn't pay the taxes on his house.


williemcgee said...

You've been covering the AG's race quite a bit, but I don't think you've touched on this item at all:

I'm sure this is just an oversight on your part.

mississippi citizen said...

We know he loves NASCAR so maybe he is driving an RV for one of the drives to the various racetracks. Let's just hope that he is not still using the state's disaster RV!

Kristina said...

I think that this comment is SO UNDER THE BELT and sounds desperate! You should be ashamed.

James said...

Kristina nailed it. Matt, you are so in the tank for Hood, along with Jerry Mitchell at the CL and his cohart Donna Mabus. Ever since Donna started this diatribe because Simpson got rid of 'her guy' Bertha and she got buddy Jerry at the CL to do anything to shore up Hood.

All the while you ignore all of the absolute disreputable things your guy Hood has done. Let's start with lying under oath in a federal trial - while trying to help his cash cows keep the milk running.

I'm sure Simpson is like all other candidates who are not elected officials when they run - they get by on what they've got and their spouses are employed. Notice you don't wonder about any of the Dems that are running who aren't on the public tit.

Not even your dirty cop that you now represent - how's he making a living while he's running for office?